100.000 YouTube Subscribers!

We made it! After about 3 and a half years, we reached 100.000 subscribers on YouTube which is one of the goals I had in mind when first starting the platform. But we’re far from done and we’re not slowing down any time soon; it’s time to set new goals. So, what do people usually do when you reach a milestone? A story? Cool, I’ll start with that.


Story time

4 Years ago I got introduced to this Chill Instrumental Hip Hop kind of music through artists like Nujabes and Blazo and was instantly hooked. A friend and I agreed that more people should know about the music and we randomly came up with the name Chillhop and had some fun thinking about ways to promote the music. I had just finished college and figured starting a blog would be fun, good for my development and maybe I could help some artists reach more people. I found that the domain “Chillhop.com” was still available, and thus Chillhop was born.

Our first 1000 views on YouTube!

Our first 1000 views on YouTube!

After I purchased the domain and launched the platform, I spent almost all of my time on developing it. From design to web development in WordPress (which I had zero experience in prior) to speaking to artists to listening to new music till early morning. I was (and still am) very eager to build and develop a platform like this so it’s been super fun along the way. The countless hours are definitely worth it as it’s been a great learning experience and I really got to meet a lot of awesome people along the way. The positive comments and growth of the platform are huge motivation, and I have to thank all of you guys for it.

An early version of the website.

An early version of the website.

Fast forward to August 2015. I really wanted to do more than just promo, as I started to feel limited and felt like I was at the point where I could do more for the artists and provide something more unique. I always wanted to start a label, but had the feeling that I didn’t have what it takes to start a label. After doing some research I found out that it’s actually not all that difficult, so I decided to just go with it. Around that time I also decided to fully dedicate myself to Chillhop and making it my full time “job”.


10.000 Subscribers on YouTube

Also at that time I was incredibly fortunate to get in contact with Brandon (Birocratic), and ever since we first talked we’ve been increasingly working together. Having an experienced and talented artist like him joining the team professionally really helped the platform and enables us to keep up with the growth and ideas we have. I know a lot of you get scared of losing the tight community feeling when you hear the word “professional”, but what I mean with that is simply that we can provide better content as well as create revenue for us and the artists which in turn enables artists to grow and focus more on the music and us to invest in the platform both time wise and money wise. We’ll always work to keep the community feeling a lot of you have had since the beginning, so no worries about that. I also have to thank people who have volunteered along the way such as Saranan, Jacorey, John-Alexander & Danny (deeB).

While it took a while to get the ball rolling, we’re extremely happy with the development of the platform as well as excited about features we are working on. Our recent 24 / 7 Live Stream has been received very positively and it’s so amazing to see up to 1000 concurrent listeners on there as well as the interaction in the chat, which really convinced us that we have a very valuable community that we have to cherish.


For the near future we are working on creating cool new features and content for you guys as listeners, as well as creating new possibilities for artists to reach more people and connect with creators and listeners alike. The recent growth and support from the community has given the platform a huge boost in terms of reach and funds which helps us build the platform, which is awesome.

We want to close off this little story with a huge thanks to all of you for all the support you’ve shown over the years. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible and the positive comments we get on a daily basis is a huge motivation for us to keep striving to grow. At this point, I can’t even imagine working an office job for ungrateful clients and you guys are providing the best work environment for us possible. I’ll keep saying it but you guys make this possible for us as well as the artists, and we’re forever grateful for that. Now that we passed this milestone, it’s time to go for that 1 million.

Although reaching milestones is nice and feels like an accomplishment, the ultimate goal for us is not to reach a certain number but to enrich the lives of people with good music and to help talented artists get noticed. ♥


Giveaway + Community Mix for 100.000 subscribers

In the last couple of years, we’ve always been putting together compilations with music that we liked. However, as a celebration for 100.000, we want to turn that around for once and create a compilation based on photos of you guys and your favorite tracks from artists that were featured on our channel. From all submissions / winners, we will select a few that receive a prize which can be an album download code or some Chillhop merchandise. All submissions qualify, so we hope to receive your favorites and your photos! ♥


Audio: Comment on the 100k post on our Facebook page with the link to your favorite single track upload (1) from our channel and why it’s your favorite. If you don’t have Facebook, you can submit via this form.

Photo: Upload one or multiple photo(s) that you took that you think visualize the atmosphere of chillhop to imgur and add the link by commenting on the 100k post on our Facebook page. Please make sure the pictures are at least 1080P. If you don’t have Facebook, you can submit via this form.


You can submit your photos or favorite tracks until the end of the week. We will publish the mix on Monday. If you have any further questions, feel free to send us a message via the contact form which you can find through the menu above.

We want to thank all listeners, contributors, artists and everyone that ever gave us a minute of their time for letting us share the music we love. We hope you will all be here to celebrate future milestones with us, and we’ll continue working hard to keep everyone entertained! We got nothing but love for all of you!!!


The Chillhop Team. ♥