Announcing Chillhop radio

After a lot of requests, a lot of preparation and by teaming up with one of the largest radio platforms on the web, it feels good to finally be able to announce our new radio station to the public. This radio channel, fully managed by, will play the best in Chillhop music every second of every day.



The station, hosted by Digitally Imported, is available for free, and is also available for any smartphone with the Digitally Imported app. Artists like Nujabes, Blazo, Jenova 7, deeB, Emancipator, Uyama Hiroto and many more will provide you with the best Chillhop vibes throughout the day. We’re fully open to any suggestions for the playlist, and are open to any ideas or requests for shows, for which you can use the content submission forum.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this next step in the process! With the possibility to have weekly scheduled shows by some of the biggest names in the scene and a playlist that is updated frequently, this is set out to be a promising addition to for the near future! So don’t wait, tune in now by going to the Chillhop station on directly at or open it through the pop-out player. A huge thanks to all our fans for speaking up about what they want to see on! Enjoy, share it if you like it and stay tuned for more good things coming up soon.



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