March is almost over, which means it’s time for another Chillcompilation. While we were pretty late for February, the music we had for March got me excited and I couldn’t wait to create a compilation of all the goodness that was featured or came out this month.

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This month’s Chillcompilation features a ton of good tracks. From the get go, I wanted to feature Dirty Elegance. They haven´t been featured on the site yet, but have been on my list of artists to cover for a while now. Wirrok shows why; anyone who can incorporate a sample of a howling monkey in an amazing beat deserves respect. Furthermore, there’s some tunes that came out recently on albums such as Brock Berrigan‘s Good Company Bonobo’s The North Borders and Mot1v’s Re:Collection EP. The outro track for the mix, Half Dawn from the compilation Sounds of Color 2 is a bit different than normal, but has such a good feel to it that I decided it perfectly fit as an outro track.

Download the full compilation here

We hope it’s a pleasant listen for everyone, and we’d love to hear if you like it! Help us provide quality music (and compilations) in the months to come by suggesting features at the forum. Check the mix on Mixcloud & Youtube!



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