We’ve been raising curiousity over the last month or so on our Facebook and Twitter page with an announcement we’d promise to make once we got 1k likes on Facebook. We reached that goal a few weeks ago, but were still busy with the Boxbeats compilation back then. Now we’re ready for it, and we’re very pleased to announce a new and fully exclusive feature called Happy Hour.


Happy Hour is a weekly 1 hour mix series by all of your favourite Chillhop producers and our friends! We’ve been talking to a large number of producers the last couple of months to get people involved in this series, and since everyone has been very enthusiastic and involved, we are now able to announce the series. The mixes will be aired on a weekly basis, airing on our radio station at Digitally Imported at first and can be listened to at any time on our media platforms afterwards. We will partner up with fellow radio platforms and blog sites for this intiative, which might give you a glimpse of what we’re offering before we start airing the mixes on our radio station.

The way things are looking right now, we’ll be able to start airing in January. A precise date and time will be announced on all of our platforms when we are ready to do so. For now, we want you to tell us which artists you’d like to see making an exclusive mix for this series. A few names which are confirmed at the moment are: Emancipator, Brock Berrigan, Kondor, Moods, deeB, Elyonbeats. There are a lot more in store, but we can’t give everything away now can we?

Visit our Facebook page or leave a comment below and let us know which artist you’d want to hear making an appearance on the series! The more you guys get involved, the better we can make the experience for all of you!