Michita is a well known producer in the Japanese scene. Which is not remarkable, considering the fact that he’s been DJ-ing since 1988. Michita started off with performing at local clubs and creating mix CDs. Since he started working on trackmaking full-time in 2006, he produced numerous studio albums, with his debut releases One and Two being huge boosts for his popularity. In this review I’m going to cover Snow Bland, one of his latest albums (2011).

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Michita is one of those artists most fans of Nujabes, Uyama Hiroto and similar music will surely like. It didn’t take more than one listen to realize the quality Michita had to offer with Snow Bland. It is one of those albums where most (if not all) of the songs just sound ‘right’. Michita has an amazing feel for melody, and you can really hear that he’s been in the game for quite a while.

The album starts off with After the Rain, a ‘classic’ chillhop track with a catchy piano melody supported by strings. It’s the small sounds and touches in most songs that give the ‘complete’ feeling most of the songs on this album have. Lovesign is a hazy, dreamy track, the feeling that describes the title of the track. While being very floaty and mellow, it still keeps you engaged. Souled Heat is one of those tracks that make you swear you heard it before, most likely because it just flows so naturally.

This album has some vocal tracks, the first one being Tell Me What You Want (ft. Keyco & BRON-K), mixing Japanese with English. It sounds like a pop song, but still has a laidback chillhop feel to it. Silvercord (ft. MARRR) is also quality; while not understanding a word of what she sings, her voice is amazing and it really fits the song.

Michita is an artist people just have to know. His experience in DJ-ing and beatmaking has such a positive influence on the music he produces that most of his productions have this natural flow. It sounds “right”, like you’ve heard it before (in a positive way). Snow Bland is one of his best productions, with close to every song having a very pleasant flow, accompanied by some quality vocals and catchy melodies. but that doesn’t take away the fact that all of his other productions also bear that “Michita magic”.


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