Hey Chillhoppers!

Today we’re happy to announce an update to our Creators Program to better include Twitch streams. This update will make it easier to use our music library on your livestream, and will also help avoid copyright claims on your channel.

By joining our Creators Program, you can now connect your Twitch channel to your Chillhop account. By doing this, Chillhop will be able to whitelist your channel from claims, as long as our music is appropriately credited.

A new button has shown up in the Creators Dashboard that will allow you to add your Twitch Channel along with YouTube. 

Our Creators interface also has all of the stream-safe music in our library — you can set up playlists for streaming, and also export them to your Spotify account.

Our Creators program remains free, and only requires an account, and crediting our music on your channel to work.

How do I credit Chillhop? 💳

In order to credit Chillhop for its music, we ask that you follow these steps:

Sign up for the Creators Program. If you don’t, we can’t whitelist your channel against claims for our music. Our music is not copyright free; by entering into the Creators Program and connecting your Twitch channel to your account, we offer you a license to use our music on your stream.

And we’re not afraid of fancy!

For crediting on Twitch, we require you to create a panel on your channel with an image which is linked to Chillhop. We’ve created an album with a number of different image styles and colors to use; we’ve also included a template at the bottom.

After you’ve added an image to your channel, turn it into a link, and link it to https://chillhop.ffm.to/creatorcred.

That’s it! You’re done!