At the beginning of the month, we released Sleepy Fish’s third project, Everything Fades to Blue. The eleven song album concludes a musical trilogy that began last September with My Room Becomes the Sea and continued in February with Beneath Your Waves. 

While the trilogy has ended, the Sleepy Fish story continues, this time as a bedtime lullaby. Working with the sleep-aid app Relax Melodies, we combined the narratives of all three Sleepy Fish EPs to tell the complete story. With connected visuals to go along the recorded narration, you can now take this 25 minute escape by watching above as well as finding it on their app. A time to drift away with your favorite fish. An immersive experience to be played late at night as a final delight.

The only way to complete the Sleepy Fish trilogy is with a bedtime story and triple vinyl! All three ‘episodes’ are now available as a limited edition. With original artwork not used for any of the albums, you can now travel deep into the sea with all 29 tracks.

If you’ve made it this far down the blog post, you deserve a teaser: along with the bedtime story and the triple vinyl, we’re also maybe possibly *maybe* working on a video game. Shhh. Don’t tell.