Chillhop Essentials vinyl pre-order delays: A Brief Explanation

At Chillhop Music, we’ve always wanted to keep things as transparent as possible, with our artists, community, and everyone in between. That’s why we wanted to give a little insight into the goings on behind current and potential delays with vinyl pre-orders.

We know the feeling; you’ve managed to get your order in and are patiently waiting for the moment it arrives, only to receive a notification that it’s going to be a while longer. You’ve paid your money already, so where is your product? These are the exact same thoughts that cross our minds, being customers ourselves.

COVID-19 has made everything a little more difficult and we’re aware that Chillhop Music, for a wide demographic of our community, brings joy and relief when people need it most. We’d love to be able to be on time every time with our releases, however the pandemic has made this target an increasingly tricky one to meet.

Below are some of the main reasons why we (and the industry as a whole) are in this position:


During the pandemic, transit times of vessels which provide materials for our records has doubled. This means the pressing plant faces delays in making our records as they simply don’t have the required materials needed (think paper, inks, the PVC that records are made from).

Although we’re held at the highest priority and front of the line for pressing, these delays have a knock-on effect on when everything can be made.

Decline in Lacquer Facilities

Lacquers are the physical bridge between recorded sound and the finished record. We need these to start the manufacturing process. Think of it as the very first piece in the puzzle when producing a vinyl run.

Tragically, during the pandemic, one of the small number of factories that produced these burned down in a fire. This had a widespread impact on the industry as everyone was desperately trying to find a new factory to produce these to get their projects started, meaning high workloads for them and more delays for us.

The Rise in Demand

In the first part of 2021, Vinyl revenue doubled in the US alone. In order for this to happen, a lot more records need to be produced. Due to an ongoing resurgence of the format, vinyl pressing plants are under enough pressure to produce more. Many of the main ones are no longer accepting orders from independent labels that aren’t producing hundreds of thousands of copies every month and if they are, being pushed to the back of the production line.

We’re grateful to have a great relationship with our factory who truly try their best to meet our deadlines, however as you can see from the points above, unexpected things are more increasingly likely to happen.

In summary, we do everything in our power to give realistic time frames of when our customers will receive their records, however sometimes things happen that are a little out of our control. Rest assured, we’re working hard to get the vinyl to you and will keep you updated as soon as we have more news.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] and he’ll be happy to help.

Much love,

The Chillhop Music Family