We’re very excited to be able to present the new Chillhop Music website to you all. It took a lot of thinking and work, but we’re happy that a first version is ready. It’s hard to add enough valuable functions to a music website for people to come back to it, but we are convinced this will be a place you want to visit frequently. Here are some features that’ll make it worth it for you:

Spotify integrations

Nowadays, Spotify is the most popular way of listening to music. We integrated Spotify into our website, and with the button in the top right you can log into your Spotify account. After doing this you can use Spotify to.

  • Add tracks or albums from the Chillhop Records catalog to your Spotify account in an automatically generated Chillhop playlist. We will also add Pre-Saves for upcoming albums so that as soon as a release is out, you’ll see it in your playlist.
  • Add recently played tracks from the live stream to your Spotify Chillhop playlist.
  • Add comments under articles, releases and artists.

Find an overview of your favorite tracks via the spotify button in the top right and share the playlist with friends. If the list is empty, start adding tracks!

Live stream dashboard (beta)

From the live stream dashboard you can see recently played tracks, add tracks to your playlist and find more info about the artist. You can also show love for a track with the like button and see which tracks are most popular. With this feature we want to make it easier for people to find the artists and tracks they enjoyed and show love to the artists. This is a beta version so we’d love to hear your suggestions.

Release / Artist catalog

Every release on our label has gotten its own page with all the info about that release you’d want to know. And apart from that, every artist ever featured on our label has its own page together with social links, their releases on the label / tracks on the live stream and soon more.


While we worked hard on this, the site is still in an early stage and we plan to add a lot more features in the near future

What else can you expect?

One thing we will work hard on is producing editorial content. A lot of this music lives online and we feel like it’s time to shine more light on the artists, the workflow and everyone in the scene that has something to share. Expect interviews, articles, playlists and so on.

We’re also working on the relaunch of our webshop. As most of our time went into the website, the webshop wasn’t completely finished yet but it will be up in not too long.

On May 4th we will relaunch the live stream on our main channel, including an entirely new custom animation, new functions and new playlist.

Finally, as we’re moving into a new office in a few weeks with the team, we will invite more artists over and shine some light on them with video content, live sets and other content. We will have a studio set up for the artists, and our goal is to work more closely with the artists and also bring you, the listeners, closer to where the action is happening.


We hope you’re excited with these developments and we’re looking forward to telling you more about what’s to come soon.

If you’d like to stay updated on these developments it’s a good idea to subscribe to our newsletter and if you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions or ideas please let us know via the contact form.