How it all started

Chillhop Music began in 2013 as a humble blog from a small bedroom in the countryside of the Netherlands. Driven by a passion for sharing a unique, and at the time, hard-to-find genre of music, we quickly expanded our horizons. We launched our YouTube channel where we paired our favorite tracks with captivating visuals, and became the first 24/7 livestream on the platform within our genre. By 2015, we had established ourselves as a record label, and by 2018, our raccoon mascot had become a beloved symbol of our YouTube livestreams, embodying the spirit of Chillhop.

Our widely recognized raccoon mascot bears some strong similarities to who we are as a company; rooted in nature but adjusted to city life. Seemingly calm at the surface, but with a strong personality at the core. We like to think we also share their intelligence and problem-solving abilities, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here.

Our Mission

As life becomes more hectic and filled with increasing demands, there is an increasing need for ways to make life more relaxed and balanced, and for people to find a way to navigate through the hurdles of life, whether it's a big workload, finding ways to unwind or just creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

Our mission is to create a more relaxed everyday life through authentic and characteristic means that stay true to our taste and values. We believe that by showcasing and supporting the amazing creative output of artists worldwide, and by fostering connections through this, we can make the world a more balanced and chill place.

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Since Chillhop's inception, we've garnered over 5 billion streams and built a community of over 5 million followers. Yet, this is just the beginning. Want to join us on our journey? Sign up for our newsletter below to be the first to know about our next move!

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