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Monetize your content on YouTube and Twitch with soulful music produced by real artists. It’s free to download and easy to use. This is Chillhop Music for creators.

Our promise.

For creators,
by creators.

We work closely with the most prolific artists in the Chillhop and lofi hip hop scene to create art, not just products.

Easy to find
& download.

Our music is easy to browse and downloadable by simply connecting your YouTube and/or Twitch channel.

High quality

We believe in quality over quantity. As all of the music which is available is released through our own label.


A taste of Chillhop
before we start?

Here's a playlist displaying the variety and quality of our music.

Once you signed up, you can download all of the tracks available and for your ease we will send you a download link for the playlist so you can get started right away. get started!

Memory Tree

Now, let's get started.

Start using our music in 3 simple steps

your account

Connect your YouTube channel to create an account or link it to your existing account.

Browse &

Access our catalog and browse, download, or stream whatever music you need with the click of a button.


You can use as much of our music, and will be able to monetize it if you credit us correctly.

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I received a claim even though I'm using music from Creators Page and credited correctly, what do I do?
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