Looking for a music license for your project? You are in the right place.

Whether you are looking for the right song for film/video game or wish to collaborate with Chillhop, we got you covered!

Brand Collaboration

We are open for brand collaboration, whether you are into fashion or creating a video game

One stop clearence

We offer one-stop clearance across our entire licensing catalogue

Derivative works

In some cases, we offer derivative work licenses to artists. Get in touch and we’ll review your request

Alternative mixes

Depending on your needs, we can offer alternative mix version of our tracks

Song curation

We offer hand-picked music curation for your needs

Bespoke production

Our talent can produce a custom track for your project

Tell us more about your project

If you are working on a special project outside of Youtube or Twitch and would like to use our music commercially, contact us directly.

We allow for Youtube and Twitch content creators to use our music for free, as long as appropriate credits get provided. Check out our Q&A section for creators to learn more.

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Walking racoon | Memoir Music