Venuz is a producer based in France and originally from New Orleans, whose music has evolved over the years into a distinctive sound. Having drawn his influence from Neo Soul, Jazz, and Hip-Hop, and artists such as Robert Glasper, Dwele and J Dilla to name a few, Venuz now has a unique sonic signature that you will instantly recognize when hearing his music. His production is mainly characterized by intricate chord progressions and atmospheric soundscapes, creating a balanced blend of acoustic instrumentation and analog textures. He often explores mind bending time signatures and experiments with a wide range of genres, working with Soulful House/Broken Beat (Bruk) labels as well as Drum And Bass labels. In recent times, Venuz has been gaining attention from several major influencers, such as London based icon, DJ Raphael, and recently working with producers such as Evil Needle, Maverick Soul, Styles Davis and Bao, as well as labels such as Chillhop, Makin’ Moves and Hyperactivity Music.


Venuz will be releasing his long anticipated soulful hip hop album, “Beyond”, on May 13th 2022 and has much more in store for the near future, as he expands his production palette to more daring and experimental ventures.