Smile High is the solo project of Ben “Smiley” Silverstein currently based out of Los Angeles, California.  Smiley is the keyboard player and founding member of The Main Squeeze, a world touring Funk/Soul/Rock band that was formed in 2010 in Bloomington, Indiana.  Since moving to Los Angeles in 2016, Smiley started producing for other artists mostly in the RnB world, while starting to accumulate some solo material.  Smile High’s first release was a 7 song EP called “Sky Vision” released in early 2021 which features vocalists Antwaun Stanley from Vulfpeck and Corey Frye from The Main Squeeze.  During the time off the road in 2021, Smile High started an instrumental project with good friend and producer Teddy Roxpin which is set to be released in the fall of 2021.