invention_ is a beatmaker/visual artist with a deep affinity for nature. Growing up in Canada and being surrounded by nature, he has been instilled with a deep sense of appreciation for minimalistic beauty. Having tinkered with instruments of all sorts from a young age, it wasn’t until his mid-teen years when his love of piano had become fully realized. invention_ went on to study piano at Western University in Ontario, and through exposure to many mediums of musical craft via his peers he developed a connection to working within DAWs. After much experimentation, an admitted love of instrumental beats rooted in hip-hop began to surface. Although he embraces the art of sampling and has displayed his own take on it through a lengthy output of projects, his main focus of late has become to return to his roots; constructing instrumentally layered tracks which utilize all of his knowledge of music. To this day, invention_’s creations are spawned from the philosophy of “less is more” and tend to resonate with those who appreciate the simple things in life.