Unwind Project is an Italian duo formed by Paolo, a talented pianist/composer, and Patrick, a producer and bass player who recently moved to Amsterdam.


The two musicians have known each other for many years and during the pandemic and lockdown they decided to make music together. They came up with this new artist concept called Unwind Project: as the name indicates a laid-back mentality, they wanted music to be just that, to convey a feeling of well-being and relaxation.


They debuted by releasing their first track ‘Meadow Rain’, after which they started collaborating with artists such as Lazlow, Guillaume Muschalle, SamuW, Luke Otwell and released their music through Chillhop Music, PLYGRND, Radio Juicy, Retro Jungle and Urban Waves.


The uniqueness of this duo is the combination of the two, who come from different musical styles, but have found the perfect harmony in making music together.