In the career of every accomplished musician, there comes a moment when a choice must be made: to repeat oneself or relaunch into the race, risking the success achieved through years of work.

Guillaume, a French musician and producer, has transcended eras with grace. With a strong will and a highly personal creative approach, he constantly explores new territories and reinvents himself.

Growing up with a fascination for US culture, Guillaume’s passion for hip-hop and hardcore led him to become the DMC world champion. Rebranding as UZ, he became a pioneering reference in electronic trap, collaborating with top artists and performing at prestigious events.

Now, with “rose noir,” Guillaume takes a step towards timeless elegance. Inspired by a dream, he found a new direction and recorded a song that felt different from his previous work. The music of “rose noir” combines influences from hip-hop’s golden age and the aesthetic of the 60s and 70s, creating a dark and fascinating sound.

As an accomplished musician and producer, Guillaume’s new project showcases his mastery of sound and his instinctive, passionate writing. It defies the era’s obsession with self-presentation and overcommunication, standing as a testament to his unique artistic journey and the power of a deeply inhabited vision.