C Y G N Artist | Chillhop


It’s been a year since C Y G N has released a full-length album, but the wait was worth it. His newest project, Astrovibes, is a 12 song album perfect for late night drives, quiet stargazing, and early morning sunsets. Lofi, laid-back, and packed with a jazzy bounce. It’s all part of the cool world of C Y G N, where bedtime is not necessary as long as the vibes are right. Press play and stay awake as the rest of the world falls asleep. 

This is Chillhop Music’s fifth LP with CYGN: 2018’s BODY N SOUL, 2019’s Discover, 2021’s Into The Past, 2022’s LA BOHÈME, and now, 2023’s Astrovibes. If you ask us, he’s 5-for-5.