Aviino Artist | Chillhop


From 2019-2021, Aviino released three albums with Chillhop Music: Plush (2019), Hologramophone (2020), and Cocoon (2021). Now, the enigmatic and consistent producer is back with a beat tape as part of our ongoing series. With plenty of features from familiar names Guillaume Muschalle, azula, Blue Wednesday, Middle School, Jared Janzen, juniorodeo, and takeo, the project feels like being with friends near and far. Instantly nostalgic, forever happy, always chill, this is a ten song beat tape that feels like floating. An album stuck up in the clouds. There’s a coziness here. A comfort zone. From start to finish, it’s playful, it’s fun, it’s light, it’s tender, it’s dreamy. It’s Aviino. 

This highly anticipated and largely collaborative project is the ninth in our series of ongoing beat tapes released through Chillhop Music. Look out for another one sooner than later.