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Shy Guy Artist | Chillhop

Shy Guy

Continuing with our beat tape series, we have a highly collaborative new split release for you. On Side A, there’s LA-based producer and Chillhop familiar Ezzy alongside new names (or perhaps mysterious monikers?) seamoss pete and Dropshot. The seven tracks feel old school, nostalgic, pleasant, cool. Lofi through and through.

On Side B, producers Knowmadic and Shy Guy step away from lofi and enter into realms of atmospheric jazz. Lush and spaced out, this nine song offering is ambient, dreamy, and moody rolled into one. Late night vibes for your highway drives. 
This 16 song project features five artists and musicians organically collaborating and making smooth tunes. Treat these like two different sides of a cassette for your newest boombox. Press play and feel the wave.
This split side beat tape is the eleventh in Chillhop Music’s series of ongoing beat tapes. More in store around the corner.