Ward Wills Artist | Chillhop

Ward Wills

A new double beat tape between Masked Man & Ward Wills. Complimentary instrumentals. A perfect pairing.

For Side A, UK beatmaker Masked Man provides the laid-back hip-hop vibes. Synthy and always with a kick, these seven tracks are fitting for a boombox or a day trip or a video game livestream. “n64” sounds exactly how you want it to sound.

For Side B, US producer Ward Wills slows things down with more ambient and emotional lofi beats. Atmospheric vocal chops coming and going, these eight downtempo tracks feel like a calming and soothing daydream.

While this is our last of the year, we’ve released over a dozen beat tapes since 2022. Revisit our ongoing series and look out for more down the road.