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Chillhop Music Sessions is an idea that was developed while everyone was stuck at home. Live music was on the fritz and we needed our fix, so we grabbed four Dutch musicians and booked a studio in Rotterdam.

With familiar Chillhop producer Yasper as well as a handful of our friends – including Philanthrope sitting in and Rauwkost behind the lens – we reimagined these five loved tracks from our catalog:

Chief – “Be Here Now”

Ian Ewing – “Luvnyou”

Birocratic – “Belly Breathing”

Philanthrope & Yasper – “Slopes”

sugi.wa – “Almost Home”

At a time when the world feels more digital than ever, we wanted to come together to create something tangible, something both local and global, further bringing these great songs to life. If you like what you hear, maybe we’ll do it again.