Delicate - Middle School
Releases on Feb 28 2023


Spring is a time for getaways and escaping into the outdoors. Road trips and explorations. The first time leaving the house without a coat. Getting caught in the rain and being grateful it's not snow. Every season has its joys and excitements, but there's something about Spring. A new chapter. A new leaf. Here we watch the ground blossom and bloom. More green, more growth. Middle School's newest single "Delicate" is our first offering of Essentials Spring 2023 (out March 14). Full of warmth and tranquility, this inviting selection is the perfect track to welcome the changing of the seasons. Featuring multi-instrumentalist Henry Gritton, the jazzy and relaxed song strays from the lofi space and enters into a soothing lounge/folk territory. An open road with the windows down. Finally.



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