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Early last year, we released producer Knowmadic’s loose single “Cascade”. Now, halfway through 2022, and Knowmadic is back with the full-length project Changing Winds. The nine song LP is sleepy and calm and smooth. Lush and hushed. Never does the tempo overpower or overwhelm. Instead, every lofi track fits nicely inside of a daydream. Downtempo and serene. Drifting, floating away. 

Knowmadic Quote


Q: What’s the thing you enjoyed the most while working on Changing Winds?

A: I enjoyed seeing the project really start to take shape. Countless drafts later I started to see it all come together as a cohesive body of work.

Q: Has your creative approach changed for this project, compared to your previous releases?

A: During quarantine I found myself losing my creative spark, so this project is me coming out of a creative slump and putting together some of my favorite tracks that I’ve ever made. Using new sounds I found new inspiration.

Q: Is there a specific story you wanted to tell with this project?

A: There isn’t a specific story I’m trying to tell, rather a feeling you get from the music that tells its own story depending on how you connect with it.