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Shrimpnose Artist | Chillhop


We’re thrilled to be releasing an EP with prolific and consistent producer/musician Shrimpnose. The LA-based artist (by way of Minnesota) has crafted a cohesive project that mirrors and mimics a crescendo. 

Here, Shrimpnose kicks things off with the lead single “Sundials” with help from Chillhop favorite chief. It’s a hushed and calming lofi jam, one to begin the shrimp-filled daydreams. 

“I started on Sundials with chief. last year during a big transitional period in my life. To me the song and the project in general is representative of doing what you can to successfully transition into different phases of life in the healthiest ways possible.” – Shrimpnose

Look out for Changes in Time, out later this month, on July 27.