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Sleepy Fish

Last September, Sleepy Fish released My Room Becomes the Sea. The first ‘episode’ in a series of three EPs, it was followed up in February with Beneath Your Waves, and today sees the release of the final part of the trilogy: Everything Fades to BlueEach Sleepy Fish solo release displays a cohesive, connected sound while forever pushing forward. Everything Fades to Blue strays from the lofi genre into a style both unique and true. With an increased number of tracks that include vocals, Everything Fades to Blue not only showcases the evolution of Sleepy Fish, but also the evolution of Chillhop Music. While the music speaks for itself, the immersive animation and emotional narration surrounding Sleepy Fish enhances the listening experience. Working closely with Tristan Gion and Bien à Vous Studio in Nantes, France, Everything Fades to Blue concludes the story of a tidal wave that destroys an island along with the home where Sleepy Fish slept in a bowl. Toppled into the sea, on its own for the first time, Sleepy Fish uses its glow to search for family, to guide others, to find its way.