Leavv Artist | Chillhop


Deep in the jungle, in the thick of the forest, we unearth the origin of water. The foundation of growth. The source of all life. Inside this ancient structure as old as time, water bubbles from the depths and dampens the soil. It pools and spills through overgrown ruins, against the mist of the jungle, and out into the world, free-flowing and alive.

Producer Leavv did not begin working on his eight song LP, Tales of a Flowing Forest, until a visual direction was decided. This flip of the switch (the first time for Chillhop Music) showcases and displays how art inspires art. Painter and animator Sean Lewis crafted four scenes deep in the forest where the source of water begins. Bridges have withered away and an ancient land has remained forgotten. Treating these four landscapes as backdrops, Leavv sculpted his tracks. Instrumentals with mindful titles like “Dancing Droplets” and “Paved Paths” and “Aqueduct”.Tales of a Flowing Forest is an audiovisual experience. Eight soundscapes with four paintings. An album like an art exhibit. To press play is to visit the forest, to journey into the unknown. Grab some headphones, grab a canvas, and take to the trees.

Artwork by Sean Lewis